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About Us

Who We Are:

Chengdu Optic-Well Photoelectric Co., Ltd is a sampling & mass production factory located in Chengdu City P.R China. At the beginning of the company founded,we are aiming to be the expert of sapphire components and only focused on sapphire. Now we are involved in the design, research and development of Sapphire Windows, Sapphire Rods & Tubes, Sapphire Prism, Sapphire/Ruby Jewels, Customized Sapphire/Ruby Parts which widely used in consumer products and science research filed. Synthetic sapphire optical components have surface hardness comparable to diamonds and are also very difficult to process. Therefore, compared to other optical components, the price of sapphire optical components will be higher. Although the price of sapphire optical components is higher, when you use it, it can bring you a value-for-money experience. Excellent scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, and heat resistance can enable sapphire optical components to be used in many harsh working conditions, thereby ensuring that expensive optical probes and optical sensors can work normally. Optic-well will provide you with the most cost-effective sapphire products, you are welcome to inquire.


Our Vision:

Low down the price of sapphire components with every advanced crafts and efforts.

Explore and expand the application of synthetic sapphire

Save money as the best as we can for our customers.

Save time of prototyping production for our customers.

Offer the best suggestion of sapphire parts design for who may want to use sapphire.

Help our customer to turn their design into reality.


Our Factory:

Optic-Well Sapphire factory located in the hometown of the Panda- Sichuan Province. We are a small and technology-oriented company, after 5 years running, currently we have 10 technical workers and 4 management staff. Though we are small, but we put our all energy and efforts for sapphire components. We aimed at one goal- To be the best sapphire components supplier all over the world.

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