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Typical Usage Of Sapphire Components:

Sapphire Window:

Camera lenses, Viewports, Watch Glass, Scanner Sensor Protector. LED Substrate, IPL Beauty Machine.

Typical Shapes:

1.Round Sapphire Windows

2.Square & Rectangular Sapphire Windows

3.Transparent Sapphire Ring.

4.Drilled Sapphire Windows

5.Step Sapphire Windows

6.Wedged Sapphire Windows.

7.Customized Shapes.

Sapphire Rods & Tubes:

HPLC Pump, Bearings, Rod Lensed, Wire Guider, Spinner, Sapphire Seeds. Plasma Tubes, Pump Chamber, Light Pipe. Isolator.

Typical Shapes:

1.Domed Head Sapphire Rods.

2.Flat Head Sapphire Rods.

3.Cone Rods.

4.Sapphire Plunger

5.Wedged Rods

6.Tubes with two ends opened.

7.One end closed Tube.

8.Drilled Parts.

Sapphire Jewels:

Flow Meters, Gauges, Meters, Indicators, Aircraft Instruments, Gyros, Watches, Clocks

Precision Bearings, Nozzles

Typical Shapes:

1.Mounting Jewel Bearings ;

2.Ring Jewel Bearings;

3.Vee Jewel Bearing;

4.Endstone Jewel Bearing;

5.Cup Jewel Bearing;

6.Orifice Jewel;

7.Pivot Jewel Bearing

Sapphire Prism & Lenses:

Cameras, Projectors, CCD lenses, Precision Optical Equipment, Telescopes, Microscopes, Levels, Fingerprint Sensors, Solar Converters, Precision Measuring Instruments.

Typical Shapes:

1.Equilateral Prisms ;

2.Littrow Prisms;

3.Right Angle Prisms;

4.Penta Prisms & Half-Penta Prisms;

5.Amici Roof Prisms ;

6.Wedge Prisms;

7.Rhomboid Prisms;

8.Dove Prisms.

9.Bi-Convex Lenses, Plano-Convex Lenses;

10.Bi-Concave Lenses, Plano-Concave Lenses.

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