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  • Nd:YAG Laser Ruby Laser And Diode Laser

    Lasers have revolutionized many fields, from medicine to manufacturing, and their energy derives from the properties of their laser materials. In this article, we mainly introduce the three mainstream lasers, namely; Nd:YAG lasers ; ruby lasers; For semiconductor lasers(...
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  • Thickness Calculation For Sapphire Windows

    .How To Calculate The Thickness Of Pressure Optical Window: As a large part of the Circular optical windows and Rectangular optical windows made of synthetic sapphire and other optical materials we produced are used as pressure windows. When designing flat optical window...
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  • Welcome To Inquiry Us About Sapphire Products

    OPTIC-WELL is committed to providing customers with high-quality sapphire optical components and artificial sapphire products. We welcome customers to choose the right size in our stock products, and we also welcome customers to customize sapphire optics according to their own needs. Before the c...
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  • What is Sapphire Window

    In general, It is an emerging optical window with many ideal mechanical and optical properties. The sapphire window we are talking about does not refer to natural sapphire as you know grown in natural environment, but a Lab-Created single crystal prepared in the factory....
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  • New Website Established

    Congratulation to the new website of Optic-Well established. As a Innovation company in sapphire parts manufacturing, We have been committed to improving and enhancing our customers’ user experience in every aspect,after 6months of hard working, our new website is finally available now. Ch...
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  • How does Sapphire components been made?

    The hardness of sapphire is second only to that of diamonds in nature, and this very hard property makes it extremely difficult to process. So although sapphire has many excellent properties, it is a very good optical and mechanical material, but due to the difficulty of...
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