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The optical window is used as a protective element between the two environments, which can isolate the possible pressure differences, corrosive gases, friction, shock, heat and cold in the two different environments. They are simple sheets, polished on both sides, flat and parallel. The optical window does not change the propagation characteristics of light. Generally, depending on the use environment, the optical window has different requirements in different frequency bands such as visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. Of course, the best glass type is based on your needs. With knowledge, expertise and technology, OPTIC-WELL can meet your precise machining specifications in BK7, fused silica, sapphire, quartz, silicon and IR materials. Our optical raw materials are provided by well-known manufacturers, which ensure the performance and quality of optical glass.

Prisms are polyhedrons made of optical materials (such as Optical Glass, Sapphire, IR Material, etc.). It is widely used in optical instruments. Prisms can be divided into several types according to their properties and uses. For example, in spectroscopic instruments, the "dispersive prism" that decomposes the composite light into the spectrum is more commonly used as an equilateral prism; in periscopes, binoculars and other instruments, the direction of light is changed to adjust its imaging position. "Reflecting Prisms", generally using right-angle prisms. We are able to make most shapes of prisms including: Equilateral Prisms, Half Penta Prisms, Amici Roof Prisms, Wedge Prisms, Littrow Prisms, Penta Prisms, Corner Prisms, Right Angle Prisms, Rhombic Prisms, Dove Prisms, if you want to know more principles of the  effect and the rotation, offset, deflection, dispersion effect of the graphics, you can consult us by e-mail

Lenses can be widely used in various fields such as security, automotive, digital cameras, lasers, optical instruments, etc. With the continuous development of the market, lens technology is becoming more and more widely used. (lens) lenses are made according to the laws of refraction of light. A lens is an optical element made of transparent substances (such as Optical Glass, Sapphire, IR Material, etc.). A lens is a refractor whose refraction surface is a transparent body with two spherical surfaces (part of the spherical surface), or a spherical surface (part of the spherical surface) and a plane. It has both real and virtual images.

There are two main types of lenses

Convex lens:  thick in the middle, thin in the edge, also have three different types biconvex, plano-convex, and concave-convex;

Concave lens: thin in the middle and thick at the edge, also have three different types biconcave, plano-concave, convex-concave.

We are good at making sapphire optical components and can control the manufacturing cost very well. For customers, the price of our products is very competitive, of course, under the premise of ensuring excellent product quality. Our sapphire product line mainly includes, sapphire window, sapphire prism, sapphire lens, sapphire rod and tube, sapphire material, sapphire ball, sapphire ruby ​​bearing and nozzle, custom sapphire products. Sapphire is an ideal optical material. It not only has a wider pass band than traditional optical materials such as BK7, but also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and high temperature resistance. More importantly, uncoated sapphire can reach Grade 9 hardness is second only to the hardness of diamonds in nature, which means that sapphire can have excellent scratch resistance, so that it can still work normally under harsh conditions.

Infrared optical components are optical components made of optical materials with excellent optical properties in the infrared band (0.76μm~750μm). In the three different types of infrared optical materials such as optical glass, plastic and crystal, crystals have very excellent infrared characteristics, and can meet strong and durable physical characteristics, so they are mostly wide used. Our company can provide Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS, GaF2, MgF2 and other common infrared optical components, and can provide DLC Diamond Coating, Anti-Reflection Coating, Bandpass Coating, Dielectric Coating, Metal Reflection Coating, and other coating options.

In addition to producing commonly used flat windows, prisms, lenses, we also produce custom shaped products including rings, tubes, rods, custom prisms, custom lenses, microporous parts, sapphire, ruby ​​bearings, etc. In addition to customizing the shape of the product, we can also customize most of the optical materials to meet the needs of customers for light in different frequency bands. Commonly used materials include, BK7(K9), Sapphire, Quartz, GaF2, IR Materials, coating service also available .Our processing capabilities may not fully meet All production requirements, but you can send us your design drawings for evaluation and we will give our suggestions.

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